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This Is My Public [i.e. free] Website. I Am “Reinhardt” (google it – if you’re not familiar: “reinhardt wall street”; then maybe add “legatus” to the search).

Cost-Of Labor is THE answer to ANY and EVERY question and the final end to ANY debate.

Once one comes to understand this fact – things like “markets” and the timing of ups and downs begin to make a lot more sense.

To sum up today’s current global political, financial/economic and militaristic environment:  The world and the world’s leaders are facing THE most difficult cost-of-labor problem ever faced by mankind.

THIS is why EVERYTHING happening is happening – the way it is happening;-)

THREE truths:

1.  COST OF LABOR is what climate change/global warming/renewable energy is really all about. Energizing India (i.e. “Enron”) to outsource skilled labor from western nations is what Kyoto was all about.

2.  The occasional loss of a few dozen citizens in any western developed nation is an easy price to pay for the reduction in the cost of labor that comes with letting in a flood of immigrants/dangerous immigrants.  It may sound harsh but from an HR point of labor-mathematics view it is true.

3.  By warning emigrants that the borders may be closed IN THE UNFORSEEABLE FUTURE essentially Trump has started a massive last-minute emigration avalanche. I wonder if Trump knew/knows this?  Do you really want to enhance a current emigration avalanche?  Try warning them that you are thinking about nuking them;-)

And This – is “Global Warming” Simplified:

Scare the public in the developed nations (with notions of rising, boiling seas and other such, as of yet, ficticious mayhem) in order to advance and more importantly FUND renewable energy technologies to energize Africa, further energize India and other lesser developed and undeveloped nations to power modern information “devices” in order to outsource workers/labor (STEM and whatever jobs possible) away from developed nations to reduce and hopefully eliminate the cost of skilled labor (any labor; all labor – for that matter) globally, forever.  yes, FOREVER.
The question. Why?
The answer: The natural, never-ending human desire for slaves and slavery has lasted/existed for at least 6,000 years (if not forever), continues to exist today and will never, never, never end.. EVER.
It is not rocket science.  Stop side-stepping/avoiding reality and what you think you have “learned” and/or what you would like to think – and your/the/a comfortable world view that you have chosen to adopt for a second and face reality.. face truth.. face the unpopular and uncomfortable truth.  Would you rather own a slave.. or be a slave? Hint: There is a reason the word “free” is rather popular (but, but Lincoln freed the slaves!  Wrong.. Lincoln “freeing” the slaves lets us maintain the naïve farce that we/humans don’t want slaves.  Lincoln outsourced the slaves because among other reasons, slaves became too expensive/costly to own and maintain).
The challenge (i.e. what is it that really “terrifies” the self-appointed, master mindset?): Recruiting, educating, dominating, controlling and managing slaves (i.e. “human resources”) that are far, far, far more intelligent than their self-appointed masters.. while hopefully avoiding or at least curtailing the inevitable “revenge of the nerds” (in other words “revenge of the slaves”).
THIS is the numero uno problem that the self-appointed powers-that-be are facing today.
THIS is why the public is about to witness more false-flags (such as 9-11 and the obvious, never-ending further “crusade” creators that follow) then ever before.

Folks, it is called the Dutch Settlement Scheme.

Rule #1:  Do Not f with the Dutch Settlement Scheme!

Learn it. Accept it. And accurately predict stock market behavior as a result of it.

Now, do you know what is about to go “viral”?

Another round of the collapse of the 401K – unless folks wake up – to avoid negative impact.

We are very close – very close – to another crash.  And if you are prone to fret China, Russia, or Greece or ISIS or whatever – you are wasting valuable time.  Because there are other issues and indicators that are much more significant.  And those, are the indicators I follow every day.  And, and – and – from what I can see (even after 7 years of doing this) still – nobody else follows the indicators that truly  can/may/will fatally impact your investments regardless of what form those investments may be (i.e.401k/529/pension/personal investment) more than I do.

To subscribe to my personal website scroll to the bottom of this page – or continue reading on your way down.

As of today, I can’t say things much more clearly and simply than this:

If you have an interest in successfully predicting stock markets, market booms and market busts – follow the business of outsourcing (human resources; the business of reducing, if not eliminating the cost-of-labor.. globally; i.e. “business process offshoring”) – but it is important to note that the business of outsourcing is older and more politically and financially complicated and nefarious than folks are led to believe and the reason for that becomes obvious the more one learns about the subject.

What did [I] “Reinhardt” do?  I proved that stock markets are predictable.. if.. one pays attention to the most important (global cost-of-labor reducing) economic geo-political, industrial and financial indicators that occur daily around the world.

Tip:  Markets are not speculative.  Follow the never-ending war between management, labor and human nature in general (i.e. the seemingly genetic, hard-wired, independently-selfish desire for all things free at someone else’s cost) and you are well on your way to accurately predicting the direction of what is intentionally, inaccurately termed “speculative” markets.

My [“Reinhardt’s”] September 15, 2008 stock market prediction discussed at 18:25 into the video link below.

Jessie Ventura Wall Street Conspiracy Documentaryhttp://vimeo.com/51494143

Note the publication date of this paragraph from the published article below. (click on all images on this page to enlarge the image)

Actor1 Oct. 16, 2013 17ssdder

The above was published on Monday September 15, 2008.  THE exact day of THAT market crash.

That article was not written on that day.  That article was written in advance just in case the prediction actually happened.  And it did.

A lot of people were watching quite closely prior to September 15 2008.

Even more people became aware the day of the crash:



If you really want to research further (much further) just google “reinhardt legatus”.

The prediction angered a lot of [self-appointed “alpha-males”] people as well, but it also woke a lot of wise people up.

The site you reading/are on right now (enronnext101.wordpress.com) is my public website.

My private website site (which will be 7-years old on February 09, 2016 ) where I follow news and events (geopolitical and geoeconomic) that allow me to predict market crashes and explain to subscribers in detail “how I called the date” of September 15, 2008 and how I will be calling the date of the next crash is not free.  Because I’ll be within no greater than two weeks of market crash accuracy.  Stock markets are not speculative.  Stock markets are predictable.  Totally predictable.

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