Jeffrey Lash

As you’ve likely heard, a strange mystery unfolded over the summer of 2015. It seemed to begin with the discovery of a corpse in a vehicle in mid-July. However, after investigation it was determined the deceased had been in the vehicle since July 4. As of 9/23/15 no cause of death has been issued.

While these occurrences are odd enough on their own, these strange events do not even begin to unravel the tangled and strange mystery that surrounded the enigma Jeffrey Lash and his Highlands condo in Pacific Palisades.

I will be posting as much factual and verifiable information as possible to the site. There are a good number of us who are not satisfied with the current conclusions of law enforcement among others.

I’m adding a news feed that should post any updates on the case, a separate page for each of the individuals involved and a message board so we can collaborate and maybe we can come up with a more reasonable explanation for this situation.

As it stands right now, Three or four women were dating Jeffrey Lash whom he had told he worked for a secret government agency. Upon finding his body, police raided the condo he shared with his fiancee, Catherine Nebron, in which they found a massive collection of between 1200-1500 firearms. The police also found and exorbitant amount of ammunition, explosives that had to be rendered inert by the bomb squad and $230,000 in cash. It’s rumored that Lash had 14 vehicles stored in multiple locations in Southern California which also contained firearms.

All of this happened next door to one of Los Angeles’ Assistant District Attorney. This is merely a brief intro and I hope to have more information soon. 

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