Airline Mechanic Turns Whistleblower – Reveals Details of Chemtrail Operation

Are the real chemtrails intended to stave off the coming Ice Age?

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

Airline mechanic turns whistleblower

NOTE: The credibility of anonymous whistleblowers is understandably questionable but it gives investigators a place to look in order to further explain the aerosol geoengineering operation we now know is being used to weaponize our weather and heat our climate – and possibly much more.

It’s interesting that the “Honey Trucks” that remove human waste from the lavatory are instrumental in re-filling the aerosol tanks secretly installed aboard the aircraft.  Since the lavatory and aerosol access points are co-located on the aircraft the operation is barely noticeable by anyone with no reason to suspect anything.

If the Honey Trucks are equipped with a single tank, the aerosol units aboard the aircraft would necessarily be filled before the lavatory waste could be drained into the same tank inside the Honey Truck.  This opens up the possibility of cross-contamination when aerosols are mixed with human waste due to botched sequencing or…

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