Re: The Many Problems with Gallifrey Base

Re: The Many Problems with Gallifrey Base

Unread postby stevefreestone » Sat Nov 28, 2015 10:06 am

mr borusa wrote:

stevefreestone wrote:Did someone say that GB was “anti bullying?”. Good grief.

Given that Steve Hill shouts screams and swears at anyone who “pisses him” off and Pariscub constantly acts a tw*t the whole forum exists on bullying, shouting down ideas, shouting down discussion and then screams “how popular it is”.

GB is just a joke.

Ubers can say just about anything on there and if you dare challenge them your in big trouble. Also i don’t know why anybody who is positive about missing episodes bothers to post on GB cause you always get shouted down by the likes of Phil Sandifer and co

Hill emailed me – months after I was banned (at my own request) demanding I take down posts *NOT ON GB* that criticised him for keeping up posts from the ubers regarding the way they get away with anything (particularly one calling someone else scum).

He took exception that I didn’t like to be moderated away from his forum – unfortunately Hill is used to getting his own way and doesn’t like it when he doesn’t.

If anyone wants to see these emails, they are always available – and I’ve told him I’d make them available to interested parties.

Over TWO YEARS without Stalag Gallifrey Base. Bliss. The forum that ignores name calling when it suits and bans when it doesn’t, nor can you say anything nasty about one of the greatest murderers of the 20th Century. That’s because it is run by Steve Hillter.

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