More Value in Interests

The Kakistocracy

A few observations as Current Year’s concluding debate of the Potemkin opposition prepares to commence. Polling now 41% nationally Trump continues to vex and perplex his establishment detractors from both parties. As Ann Coulter quiped, Trump may just cap out after all…at a 55% majority.

Though it’s interesting to note that despite persistent exertions, has been unable to pull away from National Review in demeaning the Republican front-runner. Similarly, Bill Kristol at Weekly Standard professed to concern over the robe-soiling conservatism has suffered by its new bull elephant marking his territory. This lament being a bit rich coming from a jewish neocon, whose invade/invite DNA is so caked on the “robe of conservatism” that it crackles when pulled-up for entry. But of course that presumes conservatism means something beyond two white parents raising eight adopted Africans to fight for Israel in a borderless global marketplace. And we are assured…

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