Why Everything Stinks: a Pointer

Crony capitalism is the enabler of all forms of marxist totalitarianism, whether it was wall street paying for the bolsheviks and hitler or the current “welfare” state on the road to serfdom.

We were born into free market capitalism and let us all live like gods.

That must return, or we are all doomed to a dark age.

The Orcs and evil wizards must not win.

The True Conservatives

I have just come across this great article by Jeff Nielson on the web and decided to reproduce it here as it’s so germane to the issues we’re facing more broadly. This is where Crony Capitalism eventually leads: fewer and fewer choices, higher and higher prices and the long-term withering of our standard of living. As the item recalls, we were probably better off in real terms 40 years ago than we are today, despite the twin perils of strikes and cost-push inflation that beset us in those far off days.

What struck me about the following piece is, although it highlights the brewing industry in particular, the same could equally well be said for our greedy banking and fuel supply cartels as well – and not limited to them, either. The cancer of cronyism and the incestuous relationship between our politicians and our corporate heads goes to the core…

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