The Kubrick Moon Landing Fraud – a real fake covering up fake reality.

Interestingly, even several astronauts have said that some of the pictures are “fake” or as they put it “staged” “if the original footage they* got wasn’t good enough or something went wrong technically”.

It’s a big leap from fake footage to saying the whole thing never happened, but allowing the lapdog media to control information, and then catching them lying about everything, encourages first healthy skepticism of EVERYTHING one is told, but then potentially not so healthy magical thinking.

But as the then-head of CIA said, when people are no longer certain of anything, we will have won.

*”they?” don’t they mean “we”? or is it as some believe the case that the astronauts held out as the moon explorers were the front men for still-secret military astronauts? There is definitely a story here.

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