#Lucharan Mexican Wrestler RPG: Character Roster: Shang Ch’imp

Shang Ch’imp

Call me Shang Ch’imp, as my father did. It means, “Rising and Advancement of the Chimp”…

Shang Ch’imp is the surviving eldest son of a Man in a Rubber Suit Man-like Monster called Foo Man-Chimp, a scientifically modified male chimp who gained genius level intelligence. Foo is a racial supremacist Villain hell-bent on exterminating the human race and taking over the world with other super-intelligent apes.

Shang Ch’imp was originally raised as a commando, an assault specialist intended to lead covert missions against humans. However he rebelled against his father and sided with the human secret intelligence organisation CIRCUS (Criminal Investigation and Research Committee for Unified Services), to the extent at least of wanting all species to live in peace. Shang Ch’imp has Signature – Monologue, constantly speaking out loud narrating whatever is happening with his own eastern philosophy spin on things.

His father has sworn to destroy Shang Ch’imp and CIRCUS.

Melee: 11 (Tough)
Coordination: 25 (Gifted)
Brawn 18 (Tough)
Fortitude: 19 (Tough)
Intellect: 8 (Normal)
Awareness: 15 (Tough)
Willpower: 18 (Ultimate)
Damage: 73
Fortune: 41
Fame: 2
Lifestyle: 2
Weight: 111 Ibs.
Weight Division: Featherweight
Championship Ranking: 75
Repute: 0 +4 with experimental animals, +4 with CIRCUS.

Skills: Narration, Pseudo-Intellectual Philosophy, Pop Psychology, Meaningless Aphorisms, Kung Fu, Army Training, Climbing, Punch, Tumbling, Meditation

Powers: Superleap 6 (Normal), Acrobatics, Trait Increase – Coordination

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