LUCHARAN! Mexican Wrestling RPG

Lucharan Drivethru RPG front coverThere is a link in the left hand sidebar – click on that to download a PDF of this rulebook. This book includes age bracket origin rules – roll once for each age bracket your character has achieved ie once for kid, once for teen, once for adult, once for mature, etc.

Over 100 individual types of Mask, over 100 powers, variations and so on mean it is virtually impossible to generate remotely similar Luchadors. There are complete rules for wrestling matches including types, effects of victory and defeat such as having to shave your head or lose you Mask, collecting other people’s Masks and so on.

But what most people think of when they think Luchador is of them as a type of superhero outside the ring. LUCHARAN! provides 4C adapted rules for generating adventures, Monsters, Robots, Villains, Undead and other threats as well as giving Foresee Alpha type rules with some changes for all the other sorts of things you might need on your adventure.



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