#Foresee Alpha: #LUCHARAN ! Mexican Wrestling RPG

Just finished writing LUCHARAN! Mexican Wrestling RPG.

It uses the same basic Foresee rules but very much tailored to its campaign.

All superheroes are Luchadors (wrestlers) with the majority of their powers coming from a Mask which they wear. A small number of other sorts of character exist – Robots, Monsters, Undead, Spirit Companions and so on.

The focus is on two things- Bouts in the Ring for Championship points, held every game month, and whacky adventures out of the ring similar to a superhero cartoon or scooby doo etc.

It will be up on Amazon and DriveThru RPG as soon as I am able to get the time to put it up.

I will also be putting a permanent sidebar link to a Character Roster Resource which is a giant alphabetical listing of various characters. LUCHARAN! includes a “Luchadorisation” feature so the character roster will include Luchadorised versions of characters inspired by other sorts of cartoons or superheroes.


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