#Foresee Alpha character: Demogorgon (Named God of Chaos)

Demogorgon is a Named God (see Foresee Alpha, page 98). He/It is the supreme sovereign god of Chaos, believed by those who worship him and those foolish enough to read about him in Books of Magic and Black Magic texts to be the creator of the world.

As per Foresee Alpha page 98: “All Named God characters have the following powers, in addition to any specific power due to their “flavour”: Headquarters, Grant Wish, Pixie Dust, Dimension Jump, Shapeshift, Teleportation and Telepathy. The Rank Value of each power varies from God to God but virtually none of them lack the powers listed above.”

His form is terrifying and he doesn’t use his shapeshift in a conventional way, rather he fashions various tentacles to give himself Entanglement power, claws and pincers to give himself a Bite attack, Horns or other forms of Extra Body Part. A creature of primal Chaos, if he appears in the physical realm he is a roughly humanoid Giant 480′ tall with gigantic snakes for legs and a muscular torso from which normal brawny humanoid upper arms depend, however the arms end in clusters of a myriad of tentacles. His head is an indistinct blistered mass with eyes blinking and disappearing amongst its pulsing mass.

Across aeons of time he has accumulated Fortune through intrigue and incalculable adventures against masters of pantheons, improved his Traits, and then yielding to his evil violent nature slaughtered again and again, preventing any long-term accumulation of Fortune*.

  • Melee: Ultimate (19,890) (beginning at a prodigious score, this has been improved by Demogorgon)
  • Coordination: Ultimate (3501)
  • Brawn: Ultimate (36,000) (one of the strongest known beings, even amongst Giants)
  • Fortitude: Ultimate (8154)
  • Intellect: Titanic (66) (unbelievably impressive but he has been fooled in the past by superheroes, demigods and Named Gods)
  • Awareness: Tough (18) (he is escaped by his victims quite often)
  • Willpower: Ultimate (5678)

Powers: those of a major Named God – see above, in addition he has High Sorcery, Black Magic and Chaos Magic. He is in fact the chief god of Chaos Magic.

Skills: NIL. As a being of primal Chaos he comes from an age far before the Long Ago, before such things as skills were even dreamed of.


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