Appeal – BBC Paedos in Need of Children

The saxon is slow to anger. But we’re getting there now, aren’t we?

Also Doctor Who is another crypto-paedo show sadly.

The True Conservatives


It beggars belief that the BBC – despite having singularly failed to deal with their long-standing and deep-rooted paedophile problem – continue, with bare-faced audacity, to hold this annual charity event where they attempt to portray themselves as profoundly caring people striving conscientiously for the betterment of poor, sick and disadvantaged children. How do we know it’s all a publicity stunt? Well, for starters, they’ve always pushed a paedo-friendly agenda in their broadcasting output; it’s a core aspect of the Cultural Marxist dogma they’re invariably at pains to brainwash their credulous, unsuspecting viewers with. Secondly, they have resisted to this day the demands of numerous anti-paedophile and child protection groups to take down the disgusting statues they continue to proudly display over the entrance to their plush, licence payer-funded headquarters, Broadcasting House. These sculptures, by the vile pervert paedophile Eric Gill (who even buggered and tortured his own children) are…

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