#ALA President: Islam is at War with Us.

For immediate release
ALA President: Islam is at War with Us.
Perth 16 November 2015: Mrs. Debbie Robinson, president of Australian Liberty Alliance, today stated that “Following the multiple Islamic terror attacks in France on Friday 13th November, the silence from Islamic leaders condemning the carnage is deafening. Combine this with our current political leaders, who refuse to acknowledge Islam as the driving force, it’s obvious we are facing a clear and present danger. Latest reports indicate 130 confirmed dead and many fighting for their lives. Most of the victims were innocent young people, who did nothing more than attend a rock concert, watch a football match, or eat at the local restaurant.”

“Paris is in lock-down, following the mayhem created by self-detonating jihadists screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ to the sounds of AK 47’s and exploding grenades. We must draw one conclusion: Islam is at war with the West.” Mrs. Robinson said
“Our political leaders remain in denial. Labor frontbencher, Hon Ed Husic MP, who swore his oath of office on the Koran in July 2013, commented on Saturday saying “It’s regardless of faith.”
Mrs. Robinson disagrees “It has everything to do with Islam. One of the suicide bombers targeting the soccer stadium, had a Syrian passport and travelled through Greece as an Islamic refugee. Furthermore, the attack at the Lindt Café was carried out by Man Haron Monis, another Islamic refugee, who proudly displayed the black flag of jihad at the café window for the world to see.”
“The Australian government has agreed to admit 25,750 refugees as permanent residents, mainly from Islamic countries. If only one percent of this intake is ‘radical’ Australians are in danger. It is a matter of time before we see attacks like the ones in Paris on Australian soil.”
“Australian Liberty Alliance proposes a ten-year moratorium on immigration from Islamic countries and will take  a number of practical policy measures to the 2016 elections. It is vital we protect the interests and safety of the Australian community and take back sovereign control of our borders.”
Media Contacts: 0422 347 176media@australianliberty.org
Australian Liberty Alliance Ltd (ALA) is a national political party that was registered with the Australian Electoral Commission in July 2015 and now prepares to stand its first candidates at the upcoming federal election. The organisation is headquartered in Melbourne and the Constitution and Manifesto of the party are available on www.australianlibertyalliance.org.au

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