Gallifrey Base: the odious SJW PC face of modern Doctor Who and its gleichschaltung

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I realise the forum controllers allow and indeed encourage abuse of the forum rules when it comes to the disdain thread, but I always wonder what would happen if the Happiness Patrol type treatment was meted out on the praise thread in reverse?

No we don’t. Prove it.

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No we don’t. Prove it.

And how would one prove it better than you and the happiness patrol already do? If I persist and offer proof it will be deleted (again) or the thread will be locked.

No one is under any illusions about this, in fact it’s quite notoriously the case.

I assume this can’t be off topic since you saw fit to muscle in and call me out.

Well, here I am.

In terms of “proof”, exactly how many times does a cheerleader get to flounce into eg the “disdain” thread to argue the toss instead of express disdain before it becomes obvious to anyone not subnormal that a clear happiness patrol agenda is at work?

And I get it, I really do. Book sales and such.

Just don’t pretend it’s something different.

Glecischaltung is what it is.


The punchline: the forum owner’s attack dogs having not got the memo, they proved it to anyone normal’s satisfaction approximately immediately 🙂

Like all left wing forums whatever the stripe, be it “news”, political gossip or Doctor Who, if you toe the line you have broad latitude to act like a cunt. If you dissent, you find out all about how tolerant the subnormals of the left really are.

I was the first person in the modern era to popularise the nazi term gleichschaltung – “coordination” – explaining its meaning and use: the bullying and soft fascism of forcing people to silently assent to things they oppose through fear of ridicule, harassment, or worse.

Doctor Who is an EU sponsored al-BBC piece of shit at the moment, full of anti-white, anti-male and anti-English boilerplate, subverting the culture and society that gave us the modern world. Literally textbook cultural marxism. It is therefore no surprise that amongst the “institutions” captured by cultural marxists one would number Gallifrey Base.

This is the forum where admins had vote Obama avatars.

7 thoughts on “Gallifrey Base: the odious SJW PC face of modern Doctor Who and its gleichschaltung”

  1. Glad I’m not the only one to have spotted it; thought I was going mad there for a while!
    Yes, the shite they’re spewing out using Dr. Who as a platform is utterly vile, sick and disgusting. I hope the BBC gets axed altogether asap.

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    1. Since Vichy Dave Cameron is running Blair 2: Electric Boogaloo, ie conservative in name only bolshies, as a government, al-BBC is here to stay.

      None dare call it treason, basically..

      Treason doth never prosper; What’s the reason?
      For if treason prospers, none dare call it treason.


  2. Are you one of those right-wingers who are all “anti-homo” and “supreme patriots”?
    If yes, then you’re no better than Gallifrey Base, which has its own issues too.


    1. I am in no way anti-“homo”, I am all for real free speech. The more people are bullied, the more they get their backs up. It’s counter productive. When it’s coupled with smug hateful preachy thuggery and gleichschaltung it’s positively dangerous.

      As for right-winger – I’m a conservative nativist. I want inevitable change to happen slowly enough for EVERYONE to be as comfortable with it as possible.

      I despise communism and all its variants and I am satisfied on the evidence that it is a bad idea wherever it exists.

      Supreme patriot? No. Patriot? Assuredly.

      Fundamentally I’m contrarian enough to be a Fortean (a real Fortean) about everything. A skeptic.

      And I think “left” and “right” as organised into political parties are a plague. Together they form a uniparty kakistocracy.

      Hope that explains it all, thank you for your thoughts and your comment.


      1. I’m really glad to talk with the man like you.
        You proved me that not all right-wingers are like “we’re the real patriots” or “no homo”.
        I’m also not a laft-winger or even in-between.
        I stay as far as I can from politics because it’s one of the most toxic enviroments in the world.
        I’m a cosmopolitan and I’m despited for this very reason, because people think I’m an anarchist/anti-patriot, which isn’t true at all.
        Anyway… Thank you for restoring my faith in the humanity and I hope that places like Gallifrey Base will disappear ASAP. 😛

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  3. Gallifrey Base and the horrors therein (and that includes most of their members) actually affected my health and contributed to me changing my political worldview. I hate the fuckers there. Asking for a lifetime ban was akin to asking for the best birthday present ever and getting it.

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    1. I got permabanned for calling them the Happiness Patrol and saying “Happiness Will Prevail” whenever they let trolls invade or brigade the dissent threads. It’s a toxic place. And, full credit it where it’s due, those assholes have helped turn a pretty good science fantasy show into Tumblr: The Television Series and have basically killed it. Doctor Who won’t survive the current antics. It will be “rested”. *golf clap*


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