Ace of Spades HQ: #Hillary will walk (again). I’m afraid he’s right, too.

I think the FBI is corrupt at highest levels — not at the agent level, but at the level of the political brass, and they are sifting through each charge to find a way to say Hillary did nothing wrong. Oh, they’ll do what they always do with the Clintons; they’ll come up with a “compromise” that gives the Clintons what they want. They’ll say what she did was “reckless” and “against all security protocols,” which they’ll offer up to prove this wasn’t a whitewash.

But in the final analysis, in the last paragraph, they’ll say: “Despite some serious misgivings about Secretary Clinton’s handling of the information and her candor in describing her actions, the panel can find no actual breaches of the law in anything she did.”

Then the Clintons will do what they always do, and say, “If we’re not convicted and in jail, that means we’re innocent. We have been cleared of any possible wrongdoing. These questions have all be asked and answered. This was always a right-wing witch hunt and now we have the proof. This is old news. It’s time to”

I just don’t feel like we live in a Republic anymore. We live in a gangster country, and the top of each agency knows they have to curry favor with the reigning gang.

2 thoughts on “Ace of Spades HQ: #Hillary will walk (again). I’m afraid he’s right, too.”

  1. I remember being vilified for unmasking Hillary as a Jew on my old blog years ago. It wasn’t common knowledge at the time. Subsequently I was vindicated, however, when her daughter got married and they had a Jewish-style wedding. The bitch couldn’t very well deny it, then!
    If this senile tramp gets the Presidency, it’ll be the final nail in the coffin for America. Her or Jeb Bush! What a choice to contemplate. I just hope Donald is genuine and gets the job in the end or we’re all done for.

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    1. I thought for a long time that Trump was entirely intended to be a spoiler for Hillary to insure she would get the presidency. I hate to be proven right but considering that after all the hoopla we’re rapidly reducing to him versus her… I think I am right.

      Having said THAT, if he thinks he can win and is prepared to risk a JFK style hit to do so, he may go off the reservation and try and win the thing for himself.

      But overall we’re in fifth century Roman times although few seem to understand that or else wish to live in denial about it.

      A new aeon dawned a few years ago and unfortunately that means we get to live through Lord of the Rings level destruction before any kind of sane new order emerges.

      And by new order I don’t mean fucking NWO assclowns. I mean a new stable and free order for all humans who are sane to share.


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