Jetz gehts los – the German Extermination begins…

750 “refugees” to enrich a village of 150. Even for the submission cult rapists, that’s fantastic odds.

Why hasn’t Merkel faced treason charges yet?

The True Conservatives


‘“Life here is going to change,” the mayor said.’

Oh, it will change alright. It will change.

In what must be, even to the most Pollyanna optimist, the most obvious indication thus far that European people have been scheduled for extermination, Angela Merkel has ordered the deluging of a tiny eastern German village of Sumte (population 102) with 750 mostly Muslim “asylum seekers” – part of the 800,000 or so in total she has promised (or threatened, more accurately) to relocate within the country before the end of this year.

Frau Merkel is leader of the Christian Democratic Union, the CDU, which is supposed to be the principal right-of-centre conservative party in the country, and yet she is advancing this Communist-inspired agenda with all the zeal of a fully paid-up Marxist or Trotskyist. There is no alternative for mainstream conservatives in Germany than Merkel’s CDU. Everything else on the Right…

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