#ALA impostors on Facebook – Facebook the defamation factory strikes again

Dear Friends,
Please be advised that impostor Facebook pages have been created which are unrelated to our organisation.
The perpetrators are unlawfully using both our registered name and trademark logo to impersonate ALA, trick unsuspecting users into believing these pages are part of Australian Liberty Alliance and make libelous statements under false identity. Unfortunately Facebook Inc does not require any form of ID or proof of ownership of a name or corporate logo. It appears anyone can set up Facebook pages under any assumed name.
We have reported the infringements of the Trademarks Act and Electoral Act to Australian Federal Police and also lodged a complaint with Facebook Inc.
The authentic Facebook page of our party is at https://www.facebook.com/australianlibertyalliance
Best Wishes
Ralf Schumann
Party Secretary

2 thoughts on “#ALA impostors on Facebook – Facebook the defamation factory strikes again”

  1. This dirty sneaky act clearly has hallmark of low life proletariat Hitler used from 1935 to gain power, nearly destroying Europe. Goebbels used these techniques during WW2 in France, Benelux in preparation for the invasion.(fifth colony) Another low life from the opposite spectrum -communists have apply the same dirty tricks in 1948 -69 in Central Europe to ‘create’ “Socialist Paradise” It seems to me that some feeble-minded parasites in AUS supported or perhaps even initiated by hundreds of years inbreeding, degenerative brains from you know where are trying to repeat history. If we let them. we are guilty by association. That’s why we need ALA to stop the cultural suicide of this beautiful country.

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    1. It is a deliberate case of identity theft, perpetrated by enablers of ethnic cleansing and white genocide. Facebook is a sewer at the best of times but this illustrates one of the most evil aspects of collectivist social media.


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