The Enemy Within

Failure to defend the country against foreign invasion amounts to nothing less than High Treason. A half-arsed attempt to build a wholly inadequate fence in Calais doesn’t cut the mustard any more than mealy-mouthed platitudes about keeping immigration down to the “tens of thousands” (and totally failing to do so.) No amount of fancy speeches at party conferences can conceal the fact that our country’s been usurped by a bunch of fanatical globalists who give not a shit about the integrity of the nation state and the quality of life of people like you and me who they have designated for cultural and ethnic extermination. Our role, it’s clear, is simply to foot the bill for it all and the best we can hope for if nothing changes is a slow, lingering, angonising death.

The True Conservatives


The anticipated seasonal slowdown in the numbers of grubby immigrants attempting to bust their way into Britain hasn’t materialised, I’m sorry to say. Some of us were hoping that autumn’s less temperate weather would result in smaller numbers of wouldbe rapists, robbers and thieves barging their way across Europe in search of that golden pot at the end of the rainbow: Great Britain. But you know it’s hardly surprising when you consider that 5th Columnists – the enemy within – in Britain and elsewhere have been consistently sending out welcome signals to the dusky hoards desperate to leave the shit-hole, basket-case countries they’ve created behind to inflict their abhorrent and vastly inferior customs and ways on the West.

Top of the list of usual suspects is the UN, which has taken every opportunity afforded it to plead on behalf of these swarms of “refugees” that they be granted asylum in…

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