The war on white men

Clementine Ford dragged Daria into her hatefest. She just crossed the fucking line. Daria illustrates how normal people can be feminist. Ford demonstrates why closing all the mental homes was a bad, bad idea.

J F Beck

Fringe feminist Clementine Ford gets all scary:

Fuck those people who tell feminists to be nice so as not to pose a threat to men. I *am* a threat, and they better get used to it.

Tim Blair, blissfully unaware of the danger, dismisses this as frightbat raving. He’ll change his tune when he realizes that Ford’s scheme to create an antipodean feminist utopia is already well advanced, Ford having quietly declared war on both Australian society, which must be totally reorganized, and “problem” males, that is, all white men.

Spinster Ford’s femtopia holds much promise for males, who will be relieved of “the pressure to be ambitious, to succeed financially, to bury their emotions deeply and to always conform to the traditional model of the stoic, unfeminine man.”

Pansification resisters will, of course, require thorough reeducation. The recalcitrant will be electronically lobotomized through forced listening…

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