Beware the marxist wealth distribution scam that is “climate change”.

1. Australia is the only net positive carbon sequestering country on the planet, and it probably always will be unless an extinction level event occurs.

2. Environmental regulations have ended all heavy industry in England. It is so expensive to produce steel there that cheap and noncompliant Chinese steel is now flooding the market there and indeed across the EUSSR, despite the EUSSR’s “strict regulations” (which only seem to be binding on the europhile-led British Isles).

3. The only carbon traders allowed to operate in Australia are either foreign scammers (Venezuelans, Sydney University graduates at NGOs, pikies from England) or nomenklatura from the ALP.

4. Using a lifecycle “true cost of coal” analysis means hydrocarbon fuels are slightly more polluting than “renewables”. However, the analysis for coal includes transport fuel costs in litres of diesel consumed whereas the “boundary” of renewables projects specifically excludes this from “outside” the boundary making the analysis hopelessly skewed. Which is great when you’re writing up a project, but means the game is fixed against the most sensible fuel types.

5. The single biggest real threat to the environment, black soot / black carbon, comes entirely from the third world (and inded volcanoes*) and disproportionately kills women rather than men since they spend all day next to sooty fires and ovens. It also disproportionately kills children since they work in brick making across the third world in large numbers.

6. Black soot has been found on all mountain tops and the ice of both poles. It changes the albedo radically and genuinely can cause unusual ice melting. It is also a carcinogen and literally smothers people who continue to inhale it.

7. Black soot from volcanoes is non-anthropogenic (not man made) and is therefore excluded from all UNFCCC / IPCC calculations.

8. In any event black soot is not even treated as a “greenhouse gas”. It isn’t even treated as what it really is, a particulate pollutant.

9. The single biggest actual “greenhouse gas” is WATER VAPOUR. It too is excluded from UNFCCC / IPCC calculations.

10. Underwater coastal and sea surface vegetation sequesters between 20 and 50 times more carbon than all terrestrial vegetation combined. All forests and indeed plant life on land could be eliminated and the planet would be sequestering roughly the same amount of carbon and indeed cycling its atmosphere as normal. Earth is a water planet and we live on its irrelevant margins.

The entire basis of the climate change / global warming** scam is like throwing a brick through a window then excluding the effects of the person throwing the brick and the brick itself from the calculations of the damage to the glass.

* if volcanoes were placed into the datasets for production of “greenhouse gases” all other causes or sources other than intermittent comet strikes would become irrelevant. All the methane released from all known coal mining in known human history is emitted by a methanogenic vent in less than an hour. Even wrecking the figures for the sake of argumentum, in less than a day. Ditto cyanogens.

** Frank Luntz created the “climate change” term for use by Republicans since global warming was seen by audiences as plainly wrong on the face of it during severe winters. He created “climate change” as a term since it sounded much less friendly and more threatening than “warming” (people like to be warm but are frightened of change) and because it was vague enough to use in any context.

This was my day job for a decade and I am so sick of the lies and cult behaviour of the political-media-bureaucrat class. The lapdog media are lying scum.

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