Dennis Healey Dead at 98 – and Good Riddance

Traitors live in luxury at taxpayer expense; veterans and the genuinely deserving natives are homeless wretches.

The True Conservatives


The Chief Architect of Britain’s economic failure in the 1970s, Dennis Healey, has passed away peacefully at his tax-payer-funded home in Sussex, England today.

Healey was a founding member of the Bilderberg Group, which sought to destroy Britain and other leading European countries in the post war period through mass immigration and Cultural Marxism. He will be remembered for his treachery, his ridiculous eyebrows and for getting back off the plane again in 1976, thereby exacerbating another ruinous Sterling crisis.

He is one of the longest serving parasites in British parliamentary history, still suckling at the tit of the taxpayer right up until nearly his 99th  birthday.

What a totally obnoxious cunt, eh?

Follow the demise of more cunts here on the True Conservatives. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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