BBC News / Current Events: the Absolute Pits!

The lapdog media are lying scum.

The True Conservatives


I watched tonight’s BBC Panorama update about the high level VIP paedophile rings investigations currently being undertaken by the police. The presenter was some Jewish fellow by the curious name of ‘Daniel Foggo’ – so not exactly confidence inspiring. Anyway, the thing is with virtually all the BBC’s documentaries is that you can see from the very beginning what the conclusion they are leading you to will turn out to be. There are never any surprises. There is scarcely even any pretence at real journalism. In particular, when they deal with a subject close to their hearts such as racism, feminism, public spending cuts, the European Union or whatever, you simply know which side of the argument they’ll take before you even switch the TV on and have your suspicions duly confirmed.

And so it was tonight with their exceedingly shabby and obvious attempt to discredit victims of paedophillia. Could…

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