French Socialists: Sweetness and light? — Just subversive!

Churchmouse Campanologist

Yesterday, I received a comment from a reader who said, in part, that France’s UMP (Conservatives) were pretty similar to the Parti Socialiste (PS).

Before I conclude with France — as an illustration for all of us, regardless of where we are in the world — let’s briefly examine the Socialist vs Conservative question.  Conservatives aren’t saints, by any means, however, we are continually bombarded with anti-Conservative messages through the water-carrying mainstream media every day.  Conservatives support individual freedom and free markets. They value family and education.  They encourage getting ahead in life. They like lower taxes and a more orderly society.

Now, I realise that in the 21st century, conservatism is being turned on its head somewhat. The US had eight years of a globalist George ‘W’ Bush with his war in Iraq and Patriot Act, to name two examples — enough said.    Britain’s current Conservatives have reneged…

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