War against islam in the 2020s begins now, with the final assimilation of European “nations” into a single administrative block

The population of Europe has grown, presenting Europe with entirely new problems in agriculture, the economy, finance, and the military. And the continents, too, have grown closer as a result of new technology. Europeans are more and more realizing that our differences are only family squabbles when measured against the vast problems that the continents must solve.

I am convinced that, just as we look back with some amusement on the narrow-minded conflicts between German provinces in the 1840’s and 1850’s, our posterity in fifty years will look back with similar amusement on what is going on today in Europe. They will see the “dramatic battles between nations” of small European states as family squabbles. I am convinced that in fifty years we will no longer think in terms of nations, but of continents, and that entirely different, and perhaps much larger, problems will concern Europe.

Do not think that, as we bring about a certain order in Europe, we do it to harm individual nations. The freedom of individual countries must be brought in harmony with the conditions of the present and with simple questions of practicality. Just as a member of a family does not have the right to disturb everyone else’s peace, an individual nation does not have the right to resist the larger order.

– Joseph Goebbels, 1940


It seems not everyone can understand that marxist Merkel in Germany and the similar quislings all over Europe and indeed the whole civilised world are simply using Cloward Piven on a grand scale to overwhelm the administrative and legal resources of their own countries, to bring about the Hitlerian / Stalinist superstate, and abolish the nation state.

In the process, islamic third worlders who currently seem to be calling the shots are no more than the current useful idiots in this process, just as feminists, homosexuals and ecological activists have been in the past.

When the superstate is ready, the islamics will be crushed and oppressed as the price of restoring a border to the new Eurasian superstate.

The question locally is why a supposedly “conservative” leader like christian socialist Tony Abbott is doing the same thing. Or have I just answered my own question?

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