420 recurring nightmares, part 2

More information was revealed on August 10th about the Conyers, Georgia shooting at Heritage High School on May, 20th. A note by the 15 year old assailant, Thomas Solomon, was found in his room and read to the press by a Georgia Bureau of Investigation officer that said, “One big question I leave behind for you to find is why. But for the sake of my brothers and sisters related to the Trench Coat Mafia, those answers will have to remain out of the public eye.” This is the first time that the shooting appears to be related to the Columbine shooting. “I have been planning to do this for years, but I finally got pissed off enough to do it. This has nothing to do with Hitler, and it is not because I was picked on,” the note continued. Solomon may face up to 351 years in prison if convicted. The defense argues that Solomon is mentally ill.

“As far as I know he was a normal student. No one picked on him,” said senior William Britt of Solomon.

“He heard voices telling him to do strange things, but they were robotic voices, not human voices,” said Dr. Eddy Regnier, who teaches psychiatry at Harvard University and who was hired by defense attorneys to examine Solomon.

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