Review: #BigFinish Audio: #DoctorWho: Key2Time: Destroyer of Delights

DWMR118_destroyerofdelights_31525 Words or Less: Doctor Who does Arabian Nights, and does it pretty well.

The Fifth Doctor and new companion Amy go through the second part of the Key2Time trilogy, a retread of the Search for the Key To Time that the Fourth Doctor did on television. This time round the Key segments are causing the universe to undergo death by entropy, which also cuts down the Guardians in terms of power and gravitas. This is actually a good thing and gives some tremendous character moments and beats to the story.

The general setting is handled like a grownup version of a First Doctor historical, with a lampshaded version of a genie and cavern of wonders, which just works so well here.

The Fifth Doctor is given a real sparkle and energy too, in vast contrast to the diffident performance Peter Davison gave us onscreen. Here, as in the first part of this trilogy, he’s playful, in command, and dynamic – but still recognisable as the same character. It’s an enhanced performance, not a schizoid one.

Great entertainment, 8/10

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