It’s a National Emergency, You Cunt!

He’s right, you know.

The True Conservatives


Hundreds of businesses are being brought to their knees, our infrastructure has been crippled and all this useless sack of shit can do is grunt some platitudes about unavoidable delays all summer long. And that, of course, is a clear signal to other would-be immigrants further afield to get their skates on and make a move to get here while the going is good.

As a Rothschild puppet, that’s what’s expected of Davey Boy – and he well knows it. His duplicity has been thrown into sharp relief by his deliberate failure to act at this most pressing time. As we all look on aghast at what’s taking place before our eyes, he and 5th columnist cronies sit back and do nothing. They’ll be sure to suck in all the riff-raff they can before they’re eventually forced, against their will by public pressure, to close the door. But by then…

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