Lucien Sarti?

The mist of blood that is seen in the Zapruter film and claimed to be unnatural by the Fetzer crowd, is now recognized as what is called “Backspatter”, which is blood that sprays out of the entry wound as more or less a mist, and it does indeed dissipate within a split second. It proves the shot was from the front.

According to Ms Fiester’s forensic investigation the shot came from the opposite area of the Dealy Plaza towards the triple-underpass, not the grassy knoll. This is not to say that shots did not come from knoll area. This according to modern Trajectory Reconstruction techniques.~ww

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An Accurate Representation of The Kennedy Assassination

The goal to create a “Kodachrome original” provides further insurmountable challenges..”

~Roland Zavada

The JFK assassination research community now faces a critical dilemma. That being in that so much effort has been put to disproving the Autopsy Photographs and X-rays. The dilemma the community faces is that all the while it was thought that the results of such faking proved a rear shot, or attempted to. However using the most modern scientific forensic knowledge, it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that those very documents X-rays and photos in fact prove a single shot from the front killed Kennedy.~Willy Whitten – November 2014

Let us begin first of all with cui bono? Who would have the most to gain from disputing the authenticity of the Zapruder Film?

The answer is obvious, the perpetrators of the assassination, because the film…

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