Nicola Bryant: Peri Perfect

Nicola Bryant – still smoking hot in her 50s not to mention a talented performer in the Big Finish audio dramas.

Really is criminal that they haven’t found an episode for her in current Who – but how could there be space for real continuity and a nod to a previous companion when it’s turned into the “shut up!” / PC drivel / panto dame Master / Jenna Coleman show?

George's Journal




… These are the lovely ladies and gorgeous girls of eras gone by whose beauty, ability, electricity and all-round x-appeal deserve celebration and – ahem – salivation here at George’s Journal…


For many, she frequented Blighty’s (and the world’s?) favourite science fiction show Doctor Who  in its least popular period, but she easily transcended this, being now so fondly recalled she’s one of the few Doctor’s companions who can boast her own official action figure. Er, yes. She’s pretty as a button – actually, scrap that, sexy as hell – bodaciously busty and (by her own admission) a lover of many a double entendre; she’s Nicola Bryant and she is, yes, verily the latest addition to the Talent corner of this very blog…



Name: Nicola Bryant

Nationality: English

Profession: Actress, writer and musician

Born: 11 October 1960, Guildford, Surrey

Height: 5ft 3in

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