Shamans or Sorcerers?

Straight out of the counterinsurgency training manuals. Leroy Fletcher Prouty, thou art avenged.

The Tin Whistle

Not too long ago, an elaborate theory was put forth claiming the JFK assassination was a Masonic ritual. Much of this had to so with randomly selected numbers, like the parallel of Dallas and the dates involved, etc. I didn’t put much stock in the analysis, even though I certainly realize Freemasons are a big piece of the secret society power puzzle that’s been running the world, although their reach seems to have been eclipsed by others of late.

I was dubious simply because I was aware that once someone in the CIA contacted Sam “Mooney” Giancana in Chicago and offered the contract, JFK’s days were numbered. Certainly the radical right-wing friend of the Texas Hunt family, Joseph Milteer knew about the contract as soon as it went down and was even caught talking about it days later on an FBI wiretap. The FBI rookie agent in charge of investigating…

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