A Matter of Order: A Survey of Anti-Matter Men in Classic TV Space Adventures

There is another world… a shadow world… an antimatter world… a WORLD OF OPPOSITES!

Presumably in that world communism works.

John Kenneth Muir

One concept that has obsessed the writers of space adventure television over the decades involves a tricky substance (or anti-substance?) known as anti-matter.

Here’s a short, simple (and hopefully accurate…) definition of anti-matter: it’sa substance that, when combined with an equal amount of matter, converts all substance to energy.

Also, every particle of matter has a corresponding anti-particle of anti-matter. Got it?

Anti-matter actually exists in our galaxy, but is relatively rare. For instance, NASA has reported the existence of an anti-matter cloud 10,000 lights across — one generating the energy equivalent of 10,000 suns — near galactic center. (If it hasn’t been named, may I humbly suggest: “The Great Barrier…?”)

Encoded in this definition and concept of anti-matter is the tantalizing seed of dramatic invention. If every particle of matter boasts an opposite anti-particle of anti-matter, then we all possess anti-matter duplicates, right?

And if we…

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