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There has never been a better time to cancel your BBC TV Licence. But time may be running out for you to make a lawful protest against the tyranny of the BBC TV Licence fee tax…

Jeremy Clarkson: Freedom to Fracas?

With every new scandal, twist and turn of the state broadcaster comes further evidence that this organisation is corrupt, wasteful and does not serve the interests of those who pay for it.

The most recent controversy is the suspension of Jeremy Clarkson after a bizarrely described ‘fracas’ between himself and an assistant producer. Over ONE MILLION people signed the @GuidoFawkes #BringBackClarkson petition to reinstate Clarkson.

At time of writing there have been mixed reports as to whether Clarkson has been sacked or not. But one thing is absolutely clear: the viewer is way down the pecking order as far as the BBC top brass is concerned. Top Gear was pulled from the schedules…

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