The weird and wonderful Quiz of the Week: Round 3


quiz time

Welcome to round three of our weekly multiple-choice quiz!

It’s been another fun week, with plenty of weird, wow and “WTF?” news stories from Asia, so it’s time to recap and, as well as see who’s been paying attention, give you a chance to discover some of the best stories that have emerged over the past seven days. Plus, if you can get 10 out of 10, Mr. Sato promises to lose the loincloth, or at least cover his nipples.

Mongoose taunting, chocolate massage and nostril flaring all after the jump.

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A Matter of Order: A Survey of Anti-Matter Men in Classic TV Space Adventures

There is another world… a shadow world… an antimatter world… a WORLD OF OPPOSITES!

Presumably in that world communism works.

John Kenneth Muir

One concept that has obsessed the writers of space adventure television over the decades involves a tricky substance (or anti-substance?) known as anti-matter.

Here’s a short, simple (and hopefully accurate…) definition of anti-matter: it’sa substance that, when combined with an equal amount of matter, converts all substance to energy.

Also, every particle of matter has a corresponding anti-particle of anti-matter. Got it?

Anti-matter actually exists in our galaxy, but is relatively rare. For instance, NASA has reported the existence of an anti-matter cloud 10,000 lights across — one generating the energy equivalent of 10,000 suns — near galactic center. (If it hasn’t been named, may I humbly suggest: “The Great Barrier…?”)

Encoded in this definition and concept of anti-matter is the tantalizing seed of dramatic invention. If every particle of matter boasts an opposite anti-particle of anti-matter, then we all possess anti-matter duplicates, right?

And if we…

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BW3 by ~Fygomatic- Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow

BW3 by ~Fygomatic

Fantastic 3D art – Renderosity et al responsible but the artist is a master. 🙂
Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow is a very smart move by Disney, and since Johansson relies on her pneumatic charms it isn’t a guilty pleasure to see her do her best to emulate the virtually impossible physique of the contemporary comicbook version of the character.

But check out the DeviantArt pages for the Artist. His kung fu is the best.




When Swedish researchers at Uppsala University published a theory that there is a cube at the centre of the Earth, nobody took them at all seriously, since their theory evoked visions of a Rubik’s cube Lemarchand’s box out of Hellraiser, or that of Dr Who’s TARDIS in lockdown. Hell, they could of just as well been waxing lyrical, to hypothesise about the undefined shape of the Sampo out of Finnish mythology, as far as the sceptics were concerned.


According to Giorgio de Santillana, professor of the history of science at MIT, and student of mythology, the Sampo and the shamanic world pillar of an axis-mundi, to which is tethered the eight-legged-mare of the shaman, are referring to the precession of the equinox.


In Hamlet’s Mill, co-authored with Hertha von Dechend, the authors find that the Sampo or precession process was believed to grind out different world ages, from the dark…

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