Daredevil to Receive a Second Season in 2016

Daredevil gets its well earned second season! Marvel Universe continuity on film/tv continues to thrive!


Marvel have announced yesterday that the popular Netflix series has been renewed for a second season, due next year. Which is awesome. In my review of the first season, I boldly claim that the “13 episodes of Daredevil are the greatest thing to happen to the superhero genre since 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises.” And this is no exaggeration on my part. I honestly feel that is the case. I might go so far as to say it’s Marvel’s strongest property yet. So to hear that it’s been renewed for another season (far sooner than I expected it would be) is a delight.

Unfortunately the current showrunner, Steven S. DeKnight, will be stepping down from his position to move onto other projects. Taking his stead, Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez will take over as showrunners (both of which have worked as writers on the first season of Daredevil).

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7 thoughts on “Daredevil to Receive a Second Season in 2016”

  1. Oh noooooooooooooooooo–the gruesome but mighty and appalling geek strikes again. Oh well, at least now I know the Daredevil must be absolutely horrible–more Jews or Jew-lovers and -tolerators to save the world for us mere, ordinary goyim, un-appreciative as we are of such Jewwy super-heroes who risk their all just to save us worthless goyim, by golly. I’m making a note to myself to NOT NOT NOT watch the devil who dares, for sure.

    Soooooooooo interesting these Jew-heroes wear their distinctive Jew-uniforms–so much like the way “middle-easterners” who wear their “sheik uniforms,” ho ho ho ho ho.

    Only the corrupt middle-class scum of Jew S A and equivalent in other such Jew-dominated countries could possibly like this Jewwy Jew-ness in the vulgar world of so-called “art,” featuring such as devil of the daring sort who hops and jumps and dares like a devil, by golly–where and what would we goyim do without Jews?

    It all makes me want to sing along: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8LmMtScH3g

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    1. Gruesome but mighty and appalling geek here. I get excited when I see that Tiger reblogs something of mine, just so I can see how Apollonian responds. It always seems to come down to him assuming I’ve got some hidden Jew agenda. It’s wonderfully, flamboyantly, ridiculously entertaining. One might begin to think his anti-Semitic viewpoint stems from something other than personal obsession, such as hiding personal Semitic roots, but it appears there’s little credence there. It is, most likely, just an obsessive impulse to assume anything he isn’t involved with must be saturated in something he chooses to “naturally” hate.

      And being that he appears to always comment on my blog entrees in a diametrically opposed fashion – on topics he admits to having not given a chance – seems a bit obsessive and puerile. But it is uplifting to read in its unabashed, satirical honesty.

      I would suggest he just follow my blog and comment his thoughts directly, instead of hiding in the shadows of the comment threads of reblogs. It just doesn’t make sense. If he feels he needs to get it out of his system, he has my permission to do it more regularly at the source. Of course, he may complain about how he’d never do such a thing, as appalling as I am. And for his own mental well-being I’d say that’s probably for the best. I doubt my other regular commenters would appreciate his dour spew as much as I do.


      1. Geek, u make over-much of something that’s really simple–I don’t say u necessarily have any “agenda.” No, rather, I say regardless anything else, u’re the perfect sort of empty-headed dupe for them, Jews, as of DC and Marvel, and Jewwy-wood too, that’s all. The rest of ur prattle is the usual empty platitudes to be expected. And geek, believe me, I wouldn’t want ANYONE to think I followed ur brainless blog. U know nothing, u say nothing (of substance), just filled w. the current cliché’s and twaddle of the “trendy” metro-sexuals of the day, buddy, though u imagine u’re sooooooooooooo “hip and cool,” ho o ho ho ho.


      2. That’s what I thought you’d say, but eh. Whatever. If you need to hide behind Tiger, I’m in no position to stop you. If you could find anywhere in my entire history of blogging in which I used the terms “hip and cool” or “trendy”, I would concede your accusations without argument. But as it is I’m not sure who you’re quoting.

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