Marvel Comics’ Great Reboot – predicted 25 years ago.

2010-2025: The Great Reboot



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Summary: from 570 to the present

The Great Reboot, 2010-2025

The final chapters of the Great American Novel (see FF323) refer to a time bubble between 2005 and 2020:

great reboot

The next year this bubble moved back to 2010-2025, where it stuck. This was probably the last slippage of Marvel Time before it broke that year. this is from FF340 in 1990:

Chaos War        foretold

The 1990 story gives the full details: novody could see into those years because the entire universe being rebooted. This is the Great Reboot, a reflection of Marvel Comics rebooting in the real world.

It is the biggest story in all Marvel history. The covers proclaim it as such: they declare it to be, progressively, “THE BIG ONE”, “THE BIGGER ONE” AND “THE BIGGEST ONE”. This is Walt Simonson at his cosmic best, a story of the Avengers and Fantastic Four discovering that the future ends in the year 2010 (that is, “20 years” after publication). Until the year 2025 (that is, 15 years) all is a mystery: time and space then reboot, and nothing from the previous universe can travel into the new one. It is, in short, a complete reboot of Marvel. What makes this especially interesting is that when 2010 came, the same story was repeated in different ways in different books, and the event really happened: what was left of the Marvel Universe began a fifteen year reboot.


Go and read the whole site and prepare to have your mind blown.

One thought on “Marvel Comics’ Great Reboot – predicted 25 years ago.”

  1. More Info Needed

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    I guess one could understand ur attraction for the graphics part of the “art,” but not for the Jew-mentality it (Marvel and DC) expresses for purpose of affecting the poor gentile readership.

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