One thought on “Did the Starman fall from planet Tavistock?”

  1. Control/Manipulation Of Inferiors, Weaklings Is Nothing New Under The Sun, Mechanics Basically Same Throughout History

    Indeed, tiger: such is the nature of humanity–success of the parent generation leading to OVER-population of the next generation who have it all given to them without them (the youth) having to fight for it, having to THINK, struggle, and suffer, thus to achieve the wisdom of the elder heroes. Such is CYCLIC “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler, which also happened to Rome.

    And that’s ALWAYS been the object of the various religious cults for all/any civilizations and cultures, throughout history, info passed down in allegoric fashion for the wise, or those capable of understanding, BUT ALSO a GUIDE for the weaklings, even if they can’t THINK too well, which the weaklings can at least IMITATE, even if not fully understanding. Such was purpose of original CHURCH as imparted to St. Peter by Christ who told him to “feed his lambs.”

    And it’s tough struggle to control and MANAGE a culture/population–esp. a long and well-developed culture full of over-populated goons, morons, scum, and various, associated TV-addicts–EVEN if and when there are SOME excellent and outstanding talents, artists, soldiers, etc., who are yet horrendously out-numbered by the scum–such is situation in modern West.

    Such then are basic conditions of culture and human psychology; to see the actual, practical control mechanisms; simply now observe the currency being totally in control of PRIVATE MONOPOLY, e.g., the US Federal Reserve Bank, Bank of England, ECB, etc.–is it any wonder they work to CONSOLIDATE their monopoly by means of “world government” (dictatorship) and corporations (fascism)?

    A gold/silver (commodity) -based currency or monetary system absolutely DESTROYS this fiat dictatorship/monopoly–and that’s why gold/silver and genuine free enterprise, rule of individual, is so hated and slandered by the monopolists who mask their dictatorship by means of the SOCIALIST STYLE and mystic excuses–like “morality” of “good-evil” Pharisaism.

    So the enemy is Hubris, esp. subjectivism and false “morality” (Pharisaism) of “good-evil,” so attractive to the weaklings and morons. But now HOW in PRACTICAL TERMS is this corrupt, monopolist dictatorship best opposed?–by means of anti-semitism, the ONLY way having serious chance of success. And anti-semitism then is best packaged within theologic allegory of dear Christianity in which sympathetic God assures humanity of TRUTH (hence objective reality), this God CRUCIFIED by the Pharisees and Pharisaics who insist upon subjectivist delusion and hubris of subjectivist “truth” beginning w. fallacious “good-evil,” so attractive to inferiors who predominate the over-populated culture–it’s CYCLIC phenomenon, well-observed in history.

    Successful anti-semitism then must proceed fm the COLLAPSE of the culture beginning w. economic collapse, beginning w. currency collapse which oligarchs and Pharisaics strive to cover-up by means of starting wars, hence false-flags and “synthetic terror.”


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