Green in tooth and claw. Natalie Bennett is just another Commie

Green in tooth and claw. Natalie Bennett is just another Commie.

Some elements of the Hard Left in the UK and elsewhere defend communism by stating that the USSR and its vassals practised ‘state capitalism’ and were in effect just as bad as the Western economies.  All that assertion does is to demonstrate that communism cannot be put into practice as it reverts to capitalism.  It also is a tacit admission by the comrades that there has never been a successful communist economy in human history.

One thought on “Green in tooth and claw. Natalie Bennett is just another Commie”

  1. “Greens”?–Just Diff. Guise For Same Old Lies, Liars, Jews, And Satanists

    “Just another commie”?–well, ok, but who are the “commies,” anyway?–well, they’re a gang of enforcers and thugs led by, and working for Jews, right? And then of course, who are Jews?–they’re just the top criminals, following a satanic religion of criminality, war against the gentile–a religious sect of criminals and liars.

    And these Jew criminals (a redundancy) is the leading element of “bankers,” actually legalized COUNTERFEITERS, who have taken over a country and empire, the monetary system corrupted, criminalized, and now the criminals work to perpetuate their rule–which requires constant warfare, which steadily degrades and de-populates the countries involved, leading to inevitable ruin, these Jews (and associate goyim who actually out-number Jews, but who willingly take orders) being the grave-diggers of any given civilization/culture, as history demonstrates.

    So the “commies” still exist, but their popularity isn’t what it was, so now we just have a diff. set of fronts, or mouth-pieces and enforcers for the banker criminals at the top, who spout a merely slightly diff. pretext for same old dictatorship, this time it’s the “environment”–whereas before, it was the welfare of the proletariat for the commies.

    Basic “ethics” is the same, as for commies–altruism and self-sacrifice, the individual “owing” to the collective for welfare of someone or something else–of “workers,” for commies, but nowadays, for the welfare of the earth, etc. Thus the “greens” merely assume a “technocratic” style.

    Thus Jews and liars NEVER stop lying–as the people themselves never stop being susceptible to HUBRIS, that childish pretension to being “good” and morally virtuous, rendering themselves subject to blandishments of liars, Jews, satanists, all now in guise of “green environmentalism.”


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