My Review of American Sniper



It is impossible to review American Sniper without addressing the two controversies surrounding it.

First, Chris Kyle has been criticized for calling Iraqis “savages” and expressing joy at killing them (he actually referred to the enemy, not all Iraqis, as savages). Michael Moore famously commented about snipers being cowards who shoot people in the back; as I write this, Moore continues to tweet derogatory comments about snipers. Writer Max Blumenthal tweeted that Kyle was a racist occupier and mass murderer comparable to the DC Sniper. Bill Maher called Kyle a “psychopath patriot”. Rolling Stone published a long diatribe about how American Sniper is emblematic of everything wrong with the American war in Iraq and proclaimed it “almost too dumb to criticize”.

I admit to being severely biased on this issue. I’m a combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. I was never a sniper, but…

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7 thoughts on “My Review of American Sniper”

    1. I remember the thread well. I remember what we all said. And as I said to him then I repeat here and now- he’s honest in his opinions and he is a stand up guy.

      I don’t agree with him on some things, but he is to be praised for keeping an open blog in age of self censorship- the most dangerous kind of censorship of all, because it means they’re already in your head living rent free.


      1. Is Flying Tiger No Better “Artist” Than Mr. POS?

        Good gravy, tiger, but I’m soooooooooooooooo disappointed w. ur above reply, buddy.

        So tell me, are u surprised IN THE LEAST by this criminal scum’s “review”?

        I understand u don’t like muzzies–neither do I, and they should stay in their own lands, having no business in Christian countries, obviously–but this goes also for Jews and queers, as I’ve noted.

        Our piece-of-shit puke “reviewer,” however, paid murderer and thug as he is, totally over-looks obvious fact we have no business in Iraq, that the illegal war there only HELPs kikes destroy our own Christian lands–an inconvenient fact u ought to begin to consider.

        Tiger, did u know ISIS, as well as the preceding “al Qaeda” are TOTAL creations of ZOG (CIA, MOSSAD, MI6, Saudis and Pakis)?–which did 9/11, as well as ALL “terrorism”?

        U gotta hit at the core essence of our problemos, I say–and that’s satanism, subjectivism, and Jews, these including the suck-alongs among the goyim who support them, esp. the “Judeo-Christian” (JC) filth who most support and enable kikes. And this piece-of-shit thug is right in there for the JCs, foremost supporters of kikes, creators of all/any muzzy problem the West has. U’ve FAILED sadly, I say, for proper analysis of things.

        Tiger: do u realize among the lowest filth we have in our society today are bully cops–which is precisely what the piece-of-shit obviously was–who surely felt sooooooooooooo guilty about it all, and was perhaps about to be fired for criminal acts, that he then went and signed-up to be a grunt enforcer, as in Iraq/Afgan so as to come-back now and tell his stupid, ZOG-serving war-stories?–u never considered that, eh?

        Unless u can sort-out this analysis of mine which I give here, I submit u FAIL miserably as artist/thinker/analyst for things cultural, and u remain mere scrivener and hack, not a real artist at all, worthy of the name. I think even geekritique would quail to support filthy scummy puke like our piece-of-shit u feature as “reviewer” for this blog, buddy. U should be ashamed, but u probably just shrug it off.


  1. You never seem to get it – I am delighted to share views even when those views are wildly, diametrically, opposed to my own.

    Posting this review is part of a matchmaking service for competing ideas, nothing more.

    You oppose most of what you see Chris Hernandez as standing for. So go after him! He is an excellent champion and advocate of his own views.

    Iron sharpens iron.


    1. No tiger: u said, just above, that Mr. POS is “honest” and “stand-up guy” (whatever that’s supposed to mean). Evidently then, “stand-up” means BRAZEN for satanism, lies, and lying.

      But then again, maybe that’s what u’re talking about–the satanist being willing to spew his satanism in ur face like he does.

      Mr. POS, the psychopath’s psychopath, w. capital “P.” Now I get it. So maybe I under-estimated the true ruthlessness of ur “art,” eh? Ho ho ho ho. I gotta admit though, just how I detest puke like this murdering, smug POS, anti-Christ hater of truth.


    1. Tiger’s Art: Extremely Strong

      Tiger: I’m BANNED fm there. Otherwise, I agree w. u for pt.s u make–it is good, as u note, to get it straight fm “horse’s mouth” for the satanic program–even if the moron refuses to admit it. Further, I admit UR art is far stronger than his, he pretending to be “writer”–and I’m glad to come to that realization (about ur art), which before I hadn’t appreciated, ok?

      Again, u’re absolutely right, justified, and vindicated for getting the straight “dope,” un-adulterated fm the very sanctimonious source. Ho ho ho, he ALREADY knows about how I “detest”–but I wouldn’t want to allow it to morph into the same sort of sanctimony as he projects, expresses, and suffers.

      U were right; I was wrong, not totally, but to greater degree than I THOUGHT (mistakenly) u were, buddy–keep up ur good work. Forgive a fellow soldier for being quick on the “draw,” shooting precipitately fm proverbial “hip.” Ur strategy was and is strongest which I’d overlooked. Take good care.


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