Chris Morris

Cops put killers.

Eric wasn’t the one wearing his duster, Chris was. And Chris was wearing the
mask and the gloves that were found right by it.
Chris was the one who began trouble outside,
in the white Tshirt. Throwing bombs onto the roof… I think he had one of the four guns, and
ran into the school with Eric and Dylan (or after or before them, whatever doesn’t matter) and
gave the gun back to them and escaped as a fleeing student, ran the hell back home (or

Steve Trujillo(4649)
Says Chris Morris told him he did know how to use medieval weapons.

John Skeels(5404)
Says Morris talked about medieval torture often in history class.


Some of the unindicted killers have since died – often in typically odd ways. Chris Morris and Nate Dykeman are still with us though.

They ran the online RPG that Adam Lanza played.


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