Review: #BigFinish Audio: #DoctorWho: The Darkness of Glass


This is if you will, a “classical” Fourth Doctor and Leela story. They dispense with K9 almost as an aside, which for me is terrific since I find the character disruptive and irritating in the extreme when you are trying to enjoy a good solid adventure with this pairing.

The story itself is standard fare done very well, which is what Doctor Who on television seems to have entirely abandoned in favour of its current PC / SJW agenda. Sad.

The Fourth Doctor sounds his age in some early scenes but Tom Baker’s mellifluous tones are soon back in control. Leela is on top form.

The only slight detriment in this play is that the lines are delivered with a little separation between them making it sound a little like an old fashioned radio play. A bit of sound mixing and overlapping crossfade etc. could have fixed this very minor quibble and made the presentation a touch less artificial.

In terms of conjuring the scene using only sound and words it does a good job. Some scenes in particular form clear as day in the mind’s eye.

If you like classic ie good Doctor Who and in particular crave more 4th Doctor and Leela teamups – get this one.

4 thoughts on “Review: #BigFinish Audio: #DoctorWho: The Darkness of Glass”

    1. I just can’t abide the current TV version and that is what sent me to Big Finish in the first place- but some of them are the equal or easily the better of anything from the last ten years on TV- plus the return of much loved “classic” actors.

      The Sixth Doctor range is particularly strong, and the Fourth Doctor ones have Mary Tamm, god rest her, Lou Jameson as Leela, and so on.

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      1. Surprisingly I’d say the 6th translates best to audio. (Probably because you don’t have to look at him anymore).


      2. Harsh but fair. 🙂 Also Colin Baker is a magnificent actor on video or just audio, his era is the clearest indication of what third party interference and truly TERRIBLE producers can do to a show… And here we are in the 12th Doctor era and it’s happening again…

        People now don’t know or forget that the fifth Doctor era put the show on the skids, the sixth era started to rally and then the sabotage and cringe inducing JNT production decisions started.

        Likewise the current softening figures and drift into niche / fanbase television from the mainstream- has all happened before…

        /cricket glove cybermen /flares /choking companions


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