Hagakure on the Holographic Universe Theory

Travellers to the lands of India and the Islands tell stories that for entertainment in the marketplace, old men cause intricate shadows to be thrown upon white cloths. In this way ancient tales and crude stories are acted out for the amusement of the multitude.

It is said this life of ours is not a bit different from that dumb show.


One thought on “Hagakure on the Holographic Universe Theory”

  1. Truth Requires Objectivity; Lies Are Built Upon Hubris, Subjectivism

    Right: but note as metaphysics (esp. Aristotle) teaches all logic must begin w. assumptions (which cannot be proven), yet there are only two alternatives, objectivity and not–in other words, (Platonic) subjectivism.

    Objectivity, the basis for all reason, logic, and science is thus familiar, capable of human grasp. But the (Platonic) subjective is literally the wild-card–ANYTHING GOES–one is God unto oneself–everything is mere figment of one’s own imagination. So subjectivism (Platonism) loses by means of reduction-ad-absurdum.

    So then, question is why/how would one even begin to entertain subjectivism?–answer: because that’s only way one can inject, insinuate, and infiltrate the phony moralism of “good-evil,” which is soooooooooo effective at intimidating, manipulating, and controlling MOST of the world’s goons, so taken w. guilt and inferiority -complex.

    That’s how cultures and civilizations “decline” in accord w. Oswald Spengler (“Decline of the West”): the people, now over-populated w. coddled weaklings, pampered by their parents, grown corrupt in all the luxury of “success,” “victory,” and “prosperity,” as we see in present Jew S A and West, reject, remove, banish, oust, exclude, and repudiate Christian truth, (objective) reality, and honesty–in place of moralism (Pharisaism), hubris, and smug sanctimony–SUBJECTIVISM–this now the basis of socialism, hence fascism, socialism just dictatorship and fascism dignified in guise of moralism.

    Thus Christian TRUTH is overthrown by means of satanic “good,” and freedom falls to corruption and fascism (at first in guise of socialism, but eventually to fascist security over-ruling freedom and liberty, as we see)–it’s all determined according to CYCLIC nature of the objective reality, and there’s nothing that can much be done about it. Thus the only thing for Christian patriots to do is to precipitate the inevitable and PREPARE (“preppers”), beginning at the “grass-roots,” preaching the real Christianity to the (seemingly) few willing to listen.

    Thus the Jews (and accomplices) who gained ascendency by means of the fiat currency inevitably, eventually must suffer when the currency finally collapses–precisely as we are observing presently. Thus the master-minds frantically strive to get us all in wars in order to muddy-the-waters much as possible to enable their escape.


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