Review: #BigFinish Audio: #DoctorWho: The Wrong Doctors

The Wrong Doctors cover

25 Words or less: great story, great adventure, time travel done right, Mel at her best, Sixth Doctor magnificent.

This was enormously entertaining, it captured the flavour of its era (late 1980s) very well, taking the best of its tongue in cheek and somewhat “bolshie” parodial content and making it into a perfect balance of romp and story. It’s also an example of how the current television show could and should do a story with similar complexity – only without all the PC crap, gay agenda, preachy rubbish that makes no sense and “power of love saves the day” nonsense. This audio drama has heart, it’s immensely entertaining. It is worth every penny. There’s some lovely emotional moments. And they don’t involve people shouting “shut up”, slapping each other or criticising England or its culture. Weird, I know.

You need to listen this one and give it your full attention to enjoy it. Not because it’s too complex or too dull but because you won’t get a second chance to enjoy it in full if you don’t engage with it.

I have the feeling the main villain as such was a John Cleese tanist, but I doubt Cleese would have restrained his odious inner ham to do the role justice whereas the performer who did the role did it perfectly.

The pocket dimension in time and looping moments are great.

And it isn’t the sort of faux predestination paradox and horribly sloppy writing that has gutted the television series in recent years – this one really works.

10/10 if you are in the right mood and pay attention to it; I am sure if you just put it on to listen to and are NOT in the mood for this sort of Sixth Doctor story and time travel story — it would not be as enjoyable for you.


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