Review: #BigFinish Audio: #DoctorWho: Three’s A Crowd


25 words or less: Ark In Space meets #PKD’s Clans of the Alphane Moon.

An excellent audio drama, great voice acting, wonderful performance from Nicola Bryant as Peri – a favourite of mine and in this story able to do a lot more than her onscreen performances back in the day.

Big Finish have produced a lot of audio Doctor Who, and in an era where the television version is, as often as not, politically correct twaddle and/or total pants, it’s a perfect time to take up the Big Finish alternative.

It loses one point due to the interpolation of an “original” companion called Erimem who is apparently Ancient Egyptian (of a ropey ahistorical kind). She neither adds nor subtracts but takes time out of the drama- and so to that extent is a net negative. Meh.



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