4 thoughts on “Doctor Who: River Song should have been the Rani; Steven Moffat is a hack.”

  1. Wow tiger: MORE of ur stuff on this “Dr. Who”–it really seems to be a favorite of urs, eh? U know, this Dr. Who stuff is TOTALLY foreign to us here in Jew S A–I NEVER saw or even hrd of it before I ck’d it out, by chance, a few months ago (on the u-tube)–really strange stuff, much like a “soap opera” as we have here on afternoon TV during weekdays, but w. a science-fiction style to it. It (the show itself) seems to affect to being “intellectual” in its way, but ends up being merely psychological, the characters always working to one-up and out-smart the others, esp. for inconsequential little victories, a lot like typical soap-operas.

    The “intellectual” flavor would surely NOT go over well here for large audiences, which prefer more sexual-type innuendo mixed w. the basic moralizing. Interesting to see how u folks are so fascinated w. such show so otherwise odd for us here in Jewwy S A which would go along w. the psychologizing, but not to even approach such “intellectuality,” ho ho ho.


  2. Doctor Who consists of a “classic” version which ran on British TV from 1963 to 1989 with some patches toward the end where it was on hiatus or moved around the time slots, and the new series 2005- onwards.

    The new series at its best is as good as anything in the classic series, just not for anywhere near as long- most of the new series has so many politically correct agendas- the gay agenda, gay marriage agenda, anti-white agenda, right-on small liberal politics agenda, anti-ableist agenda, anti-psychiatry agenda and so on that quite a few episodes are pretty much unwatchable for mainstream normative audiences.

    The single biggest thing to know about Doctor Who is that is UTTERLY unlike any remotely similar American show in one crucial fundamental way. Doctor Who was conceived of and for most of its entire run has truly been mainstream family entertainment that whole families sit down to watch together or have on in the background. This is totally different to the OCD sufferer / college kid / niche fan audience for American “genre” shows. Doctor Who was NEVER a genre show. It was a tentpole of mainstream viewing on a Saturday night. Nothing could be less niche.

    The new incarnation of Doctor Who has pandered to niche OCD types and similar ghettoes of fans at the expense of “casual” viewers and the normal white population of the UK, and it is losing audience as a result. At present it is undergoing a loss of viewership but still has high figures as the normal people stop watching and the alt.obsessive.fuckwit fans take over, but that is only temporary. There simply aren’t enough of the niche people to make up for loss of the mainstream audience.


    1. Well, I think best thing fm England was Tolkien’s “Hobbit,” etc.–which this “Doc Who” rather attempts to imitate, but only for science-fiction w. low-budget sets, shallow characterization and banter–a space soap-opera featuring pretend “intellectual”-style.


      1. Doctor Who as it was – not the horrible decadent monstrous thing it has become – promulgated British values of civilisation and fair play, British love of science, inquiry and eccentricity and was a bastion of tolerance and love of the strange WITHOUT crossing the line into social justice warrior crap. Now it’s a sad parody of itself.


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