Twitter’s bluebird of unhappiness

My father god rest him was the Hercule Poirot of the family just as my mother has evolved into the Miss Marple of our escutcheon. I’ve always been, as recipient of first-rate intellect genes from those two worthies, the bohemian and erratic Sherlock Holmes of the group.

But I find myself at the moment much more in the Poirot frame of mind. There is a fixed idea or dare I put it une idee fixee in my head.

Why is Twitter’s symbol a blue bird?

I’ve said in passing a few times that I think it’s linked to MK BLUEBIRD, and I still think that.

But of all people it was the ever-poor at research and ever-scattered in his rudimentary thinking Peter Levenda who suggested one origin for the MK BLUEBIRD cryptonym itself- that of a mystical reference to realms of the living and the dead and dreams of peace. Curiously appropriate for how Twitter is set up and behaves.

As I said, it is currently ineradicable in my head as a puzzle and so I am seeking to exorcise it here, or at the very least release some of the pressure from this intellectual boil.


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