8 thoughts on “Mary Tyler Moore: secret Process Church member”

  1. Satanism Lite Encouraged, Popularized, Now Metastasized To The Present-Day Raging, Mass-Murdering Monster

    Wow–this story just goes to show how satanism-light arises through the superficial pop-culture, this after Christianity itself is diluted and virtually equated w. Judaism–how?–why?–because the concept of “faith” is (a) mis-understood (esp. in way of beleeeeeeeeeeevin’), (b) held to be common to both Christainity and Judaism, (c) hence Christianity and Judaism equated held to being essentially same things or mere variants of same basic thing–AS IF “faith” is what is essential and the thing being worshipped.

    But Christianity is worship of truth (= Christ), reason being essential part of Holy Spirit, along w. honesty, by which truth is known and understood–TOTALLY OPPOSITE to Judaism, subjectivist worship of lies in which “truth” is merely what Jews SAY IT IS. Thus for Judaism, “faith” necessarily means “beleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevin’,” TOTALLY DIFF. fm Christian reason which is AGAINST such obsessive presumption, “faith” only properly meaning LOYALTY.

    Thus observe how the original Christian worship of TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) vs. Jew lies (JOHN 8:44) is turned around by means of this equivocation fallacy upon concept of “faith”: Christianity is held to being mysticism, while Jew satanists and subjectivists are presented as being paragons of REASON.

    Further, anti-Christ, satanic Judeo-Christianity founded upon this Judaically-construed mystic “faith” (of “beleeeeeeeeeeevin'”) is now held to preaching the Pelagian heresy of fallacious, delusionary, Pharisaic “good-evil”

    Thus one observes the RISE OF SATANISM within a corrupt culture, the original Christianity mis-represented, mis-understood, and dis-credited BY MEANS OF concept of corrupted, mis-construed, mis-understood, fallacious “faith” of Judaic beleeeeeeeeeeeeeevin’–against the real Christian LOYALTY.

    Of course, another condition for this rise of satanism is the cultural circumstances of the 70s and lack of present-day internet which allowed for the superficial grasp of understanding for these religious-aesthetic-psychologic issues, and the easy popularization of this satanism lite–a cancer which has now metastasized into the raging, horrific, mass-murdering sort of satanism we suffer from today.


  2. Satanism Is The Problem, Nothing Less

    Well, I gave my “argumentation,” as u can see, in some (even tiresome) detail, and what do I get for it?–soooooooooooooooooo, I just thought I’d repay in similar kind. I simply asked if the “spider” is satanist, right?–and obviously it is. So what further argumentation is due or appropriate?

    Do u begin to see what we’re actually up against, tiger?–just simple, outright satanism, that’s all. Such is life in “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler.

    It’s now come-out Jew S A is actually arming and re-supplying ISIS–it’s on mainstream news, even (see http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2015/03/mainstream-media-calls-supporting-al-qaeda-isis.html). And Israel is providing medical support for “Al Nusra,” these being close allies to al Qaeda and ISIS. All the “terrorism” is funded and directed by CIA/FBI/MOSSAD/MI6 and their flunky agencies in Saudi and Pakistan–get it?

    It’s satanism we’re up against, tiger, irrationality for the sake of irrationality–not mere murder inc., but MASS-murder inc.–that’s why they’re feeding us poisonous GMOs, inflicting toxic vaccines, etc. The way they treat Palestinians is way they’re treating US.

    So tiger, HOW do u propose to treating such satanism?–do u even acknowledge that’s what’s happening?–do u grasp what it is, what it means?


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