#SwampMan Swamp Man : #DNAosaur DNAosaur

DNAosaur is my term of art, originaly used in my RPG writing decades ago, describing the soon to be reality but then only fictional process of resurrecting prehistoric animals and plants using modern species as incubators. Because the restored prehistoric species in almost cases are blended with a modern “descendant” they aren’t true dinosaurs or prehistoric species – they are an artificial version of what we THINK or WANT the dinosaur to be.

I created this concept so as to provide a nerdy backstory and needless explanation for why dinosaurs in my fiction might be the way we want them to be rather than their real form, should science ever at some future time have an attack of honesty and portray lost creatures as they really were.

In subsequent decades there has been a backlash against the orthodox false view of restorationism and we have seen some surprising – but accurate – versions of dinosaurs at long last – feathers and fiery breath and all. 🙂


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