Nixon the puppet drifts into conflict with his masters at CIA

On January 4, 1971, Richard Nixon sat in the library of the White House with four reporters: John Chancellor of NBC, Eric Sevareid of CBS, Nancy Dickerson of PBS, and Howard K. Smith of ABC. It was Howard K. Smith who in a later interview best said what was on the minds of these reporters even at this interview: “Mr. President, l understand that this has been the winter of your discontent.” That was the tone of this earlier meeting as they came to discuss his first two years in office. The 1970 midterm elections had not quite been a defeat for his party; but they were no great mandate either. After a rather lengthy and cheerless interview and toward the end of the questions, Nancy Dickerson addressed the President: “Speaking of your campaigns, you made the kickoff address in New Hampshire in 1968 . . . You made a speech how the next President had to give this country the lift of a driving dream . . . Well, as yet, many people have failed to perceive the lift of a driving dream. I wondered if you could articulate that dream for us briefly and tell us how you plan to specifically get it across to the people in the next two years.”

The President is always a most polished television personality, and he is characteristically quick, precise, and alert with his answers. But now, toward the end of a trying session and with the weight of the full meaning of that query heavy on his mind, he did a rather uncharacteristic thing. He hesitated, and he looked almost blankly around the room at the four people there with him, and away from the uncompromising eye of the camera. Then he lowered his head and slowly said: “Miss Dickerson, before we can really get a lift of a driving dream, we have to get rid of some of the nightmares we inherited. One of these nightmares is a war without end. We are ending that war . . . But it takes some time to get rid of the nightmares. You can’t be having a driving dream when you are in the midst of a nightmare.”

Five Presidents have been responsible for and have learned to live with the CIA. Five Presidents at one time or another, under varying conditions and events, have all suffered from this relationship. It can be said that Richard Nixon has come as close as any of them to putting into words the soul-rending, brutal reality of the impact of the power and of the burden that this covert force places upon the mantle of government, when he said, “You can’t have a driving dream when you are in the midst of a nightmare.” Like a terrible, haunting, terrorizing nightmare, the sinister machine pervades every aspect of the government today — and affects all of us, our way of life, and the welfare of the entire world.

Chapter 23 Five Presidents: “Nightmares We Inherited” L. Fletcher Prouty


6 thoughts on “Nixon the puppet drifts into conflict with his masters at CIA”

  1. We have described the ST. We have talked about who it is, what it does, how it operates. But it would be impossible to uncover everything about it and to attribute to it all that it really is. Likewise, it would be wrong to grant to this cybernetic, automatic-control machine more wisdom, more power, more sense than it really possesses. The worst possible mistake would be to overestimate it. It is not just one finite team of individuals. It is a matrix that changes with the gestation of each new operation. It is a sinister device of opportunity and contrivance. What does exist is the mechanism. What exists is the automatic system, much like a nervous system or an electrical system. More properly, what exists is like a giant electronic data processing machine, on the model of Ross Ashby’s idea, which has its own power to grow, to reproduce, and to become more insidiously effective and efficient as it operates.

    It is a great intragovernmental infrastructure that is fed by inputs from all sources. It can be driven by the faceless, lobbying pressure of a helicopter manufacturer, or of a giant Cam Ranh Bay general contractor. It can be accelerated by the many small pushes of hundreds of thousands of career military personnel — uniformed and civilian — who see higher rank and higher retirement pay as a goal worth seeking. It can be suddenly activated by almost any “counterinsurgency” area or similar “hot button” initiator.

    This great machine has been constructed by such able men as “Wild Bill” Donovan, Clark Clifford, Walter Beedle Smith, Allen Dulles, Maxwell Taylor, McGeorge Bundy, and many others, who have guided and molded it into the runaway giant that it is today. It is big business, big government, big money, big pressure, and headless — all operating in self-centered, utterly self-serving security and secrecy. As C. P. Snow has said, “The euphoria of secrecy goes to the head.” And as Allen Dulles has said, perhaps in a slightly different context, this is really the craft of intelligence.

    For all its fabrication and apparent unreality, especially in this open society, the ST machine does have a central soul or brain. . . or perhaps. . . holy spirit. It is the evidence of a form of new religion. It has its secrets. It has its divine and unquestioned rights and obligations. It has self-righteous power over life and death. It does not believe in anything. It does not value anything. It is utterly ruthless. Its greatest motivating force and drive is entirely undefined, because it moves by pressure. It reacts. It is therefore blind, meaningless, senseless. It will do anything in the name of anti-Communism. Yet in its greatest anti-Communist war it sees no inconsistency in the killing of one of its most anti-Communist creations — Ngo Dinh Diem. In its zeal to rid the Caribbean of Communism, it leaps at the chance to rid the Dominican Republic of Latin America’s strongest non-Communist, Rafael Trujillo. Any person or groups that know how to get to this infrastructure, who have the clearances, who have the need-to-know, can make an input into this ST, and as long as the desired action is anti-Communist, the system will operate.


  2. Complexity Is NOT Beauty

    What is “ST”?–I had to read through the entire entry and then ur note (above) in order to guess it’s “secret team,” by Fletcher Prouty–this is one of ur problems as artist–u DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT UR READERS and just throw down this crap expecting us to have to go to all the work at guessing ur meaning, WTF u’re even talking about, etc.–typical of u “artists” of the modern age.

    And it’s part of the decadence of this phase of “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler, we have “artists” like u, writing in this presumptuous, un-defined, un-founded way. U just want to pretend to sounding-like u’re actually talking about anything of substance. Ho ho ho–and u know what?–u’re certainly not the worst of ur sort of “artist.”

    Ur sort wants to keep things sooooooooooooooooo “complicated,” eh?–well, hey, maybe it will sell, right?–that’s all u care about–NOT making any real sense, not conveying any real meaning to the suckers to waste the time trying to figure-out what u’re even talking about.

    And so the satanists, knowing about “artists” like u, and the market for whom they and u write, KNOW they can get-away w. all their criminality and corruption–after all, it’s all soooooooo “complicated,” eh? In the end, they know they can pay u off–w. just a little chicken-feed which they just print-up on the printing-press (or digitalize), and if u don’t go along, they’ve got equally cheap assassins who can take care of u if u get out-of-hand.

    See tiger: U’RE PART OF THE PROBLEM–maybe not a great, large part–but u don’t help w. ur half-baked ways and methods, always pretending, always covering up the real truth due to ur love of complexity for complexity’s sake–complexity is ur idea of “cool” and “beauty,” eh? What u’re not considering is there’s lots and lots of ur sort–so what’s the pt.?–u like to just go through motions, eh?–wow, golly gee, how original.


    1. I don’t love complexity, that’s quite wrong. But people need to do their own research, not get spoonfed.

      People like alex jones are as bad as the historical lapdog media, who they merely seek to replace.

      You have to do your own reading, you have to go on the quest. There’s no alternative.

      The entire world is trapped in a massive illusion, and the answer is not more pat answers and spoonfeeding, it is to do some reading.

      The one thing they don’t want you to do.


      1. Understanding Requires Simplicity, Rationality

        I think folks would be helped and informed GREATLY if they learned to understand things more SIMPLY, as by means of Christian TRUTH (above all/any other precepts) against satanic lies, but “satan” understood not in mystic, but more rationalist, matter-of-fact fashion–esp. against that prevailing (still) indulgent, hubristic subjectivism.

        For people are still horribly un-organized, un-motivated, and confused for a plan and analysis–and one of the chief problems is Christianity deliberately mis-understood as “Judeo-Christianity” (JC–see and for expo), a very dominant and wide-spread heresy, viewed as mere version/variation of satanic Judaism, these JCs supporting terror-state of Israel, Christianity Judaized, serving anti-Christ purposes.


      2. Just in the context of my own hobby horses like JFK, I listen to literally hundreds of hours of taped testimony and evidence and it’s hard enough when you’re familiar with it, to throw it out there as I do really is counterproductive, you’re right. Even though I am a fan of Dioegnic-Socratic technique- there are limits.

        Your point is well taken.


    2. Thinking about it, I will do a FAQ of sorts re these matters. That way it can be used as a reference document since it will include citations. Hopefully that will correct the opacity with which you so strongly object. Thanks for your thoughts, as always! 🙂


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