#Misdirection: arguing over the sixth floor “sniper’s nest” #JFK

#JFK: arguing over the sixth floor sniper’s nest is silly since the witnesses never established that the so-called sniper’s nest was the position where back shots were shot from. In fact, the OPPOSITE end of the sixth floor has more witnesses to activity – and by multiple people not a lone gunman.


2 thoughts on “#Misdirection: arguing over the sixth floor “sniper’s nest” #JFK”

  1. Hemming told us this week that, through a source in a Central American intelligence organization, he learned that a shooter in the Texas School Book Depository, spoke German and used a shoulder-mounted, carbine-firing Mauser equipped with a scope and a silencer.

    This man fired not from the sniper’s nest on the southeast corner of the sixth floor of the book depository, but from the window on the west end of the sixth floor. Hemming cannot identify this German-speaking shooter by name.

    There is some evidentiary support for Hemming’s report. Photos show that the window on the west end of the sixth floor was open, and there is also a photo of witnesses, after the shooting, pointing to the west end of the building. In addition, one witness reported seeing a man with a “strange-looking weapon” on the sixth floor, but she assumed before the assassination that it must have been a secret service agent.

    Although not a new revelation, we also want to note Hemming’s explanation for how the assassins escaped from the sixth floor. Immediately after the assassination, a Dallas police officer called Baker rushed into the book depository accompanied by its manager, Roy Truly. They first attempted to take the elevator, but it was not functioning, so they dashed up the stairs. They encountered Lee Harvey Oswald calmly drinking a Coke in the second-floor lunch room, no more than 90 seconds after the shooting stopped.

    Many people find it doubtful that Oswald could have hidden the rifle and run down four flights of stairs and purchased a Coke in that time period.

    Hemming states that the assassins had disabled the elevator before the assassination, and that they escaped by ropes down the elevator shaft.

    J. Timothy Gratz and Mark Howell, Key West Citizen (11th March, 2005)

    cf “The Girl On The Stairs” – a witness to the dog that did not bark in the night – she and her friend were on the stairs Oswald would have had to use to flee the sniper’s nest. He wasn’t there, he didn’t do it.


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