#PKD Black Iron Prison

black iron prison

black iron

“The world is a prison not because of its materiality-which was the opinion of the ancient Gnostics-but because of the hidden orders of power and control it houses: the various corporate, political, and ideological archons herding us into increasingly compelling synthetic worlds.” — excerpt from “Philip K. Dick’s Divine Interference” by Erik Davis; Originally posted on the nettime server in the mid-1990s



One thought on “#PKD Black Iron Prison”

  1. Problem Is satanism–It Just Keeps Getting Worse

    I notice the word, “archons” (rulers, in Greek), which u’d earlier, a few blogs ago, mentioned as alternatives to Jews as problems. I didn’t know if u were joking, and I asked for a ref., which u seem to give here. I still think it’s up to u to explain, and I don’t see how taking attn. away fm Jews as problems solves anything.

    Jews are the most united, committed, “connected” criminals–that’s the problem–these criminals, Jews the leaders of “organized crime” (beginning w. legalized COUNTERFEITING), Jews the foremost satanists, satanism founded in subjectivism, the more extreme the subjectivism, the more satanist.

    Of course, there’s also larger circumstances, the CYCLIC nature of history and “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler, within which Jew satanists work against and with the now over-populated hordes of inferiors and weaklings who accept subjectivism as their reality, beginning w. child’s “good-evil,” which they never grow out of, Jews taking advantage.

    So given the continuing success of satanism, question is how humanity can survive; thus I continue to preach the necessary Christianity–BUT it’s got to be the REAL thing–which will succeed against this dread satanism which, so far, keeps tightening its grip. What cultural, philosophic, religious -type drama, eh?

    Lots of people have actually caught-on to the continuing rise of satanism–if u just ck u-tube vids by Mark Dice and such as the “vigilant Christian,” and others too, their vids getting thousands of hits.

    But the trick, so far un-successful, seems to be for people to grasp a genuine understanding of Christianity (anti-satanism) that’s both (a) true and (b) effective. Some of the Jews squirm and squeal (about anti-semitism, as usual), but the satanists continue to laugh.

    Yesterday, the 1st of Feb. was “Super-Bowl” Sunday, a big sort of holiday for a big game “event”–it was notable for the satanic half-time entertainment, starring satanic “hip-hop” musical “artist,” Katy Perry, pushing same-sex marriage, etc., as usual for these homosexual scum who imagine they’re rising to dominate the “culture,” such as it is.

    Unfortunately, here in USA, things aren’t yet too horrible, people not yet massively starving, though we are well into massive un-employment among the volk–welfare system is being STRAINED, and when the dollar begins to seriously collapse, so will the welfare system, and THEN we’ll have serious starvation–that’s when things will get bad. I hope things are going well for u good folks in Australia. Take care. A.


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